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Mari Ots


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Meelis Unt


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WolfBerry OÜ

Place of business:
Saku 6a
11314 Tallinn

Mail address:
Allika 11/1 Kiili vald
75401 Harjumaa

Reg. no 12334677
VAT no EE101681292

About us

Since the time the children can spend playing outdoors is limited, we produce attractions and children furniture for indoors activities. We have selected strong and natural birch plywood as material to ensure that time spent would be exciting and meaningful, while being also secure and close to nature.

Plywood is stronger compared to many other materials. For instance, with plywood the joints don’t get weaker over time; curved edges don’t develop risk of splintering with wear etc. It means our products are durable and extra secure and for children products, security is very important.

We use child friendly, certified, water-based wood stains and lacquers for finishing. Wood varnish leaves a glimmer of natural wood grain visible and this gives our products unique look. The stained details are combined with whitewashed plywood details. Details are whitewashed to avoid colour change due to time because of UV radiation. Products are lacquered twice allowing for easy cleaning if needed.

Our products can be used everywhere indoors, where children are welcomed: at work, cafes/restaurants, as well as kindergarten, home etc. We have followed EU regulations at manufacturing our products based on: usage range (home, children institution, public playground), product group (furniture, playground, toy), production materials and children ages.

The author of the products is industrial designer Meelis Unt. 2016 we were nominated at the Estonian Design Award with our attraction series.

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